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Isn't it Time to Sell Your Business? 
Do you hear those voices?
  • You've been at it so long. Isn't it time to stop!
  • When will you spend time with me and the grandkids like you've been promising?
For years, you’ve worked hard. Didn't take the vacations because "The business needed me." 

Sometimes you felt a twinge of guilt, but... you were providing for your family.

The money and presents were great but they wanted your time. Even if it meant that you were there — not doing anything, just watching and smiling.
Ready to Sell Your Business?
- Will Help You Sell or Transition Your Business On Your Terms!
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ONE DAY your business will change hands…WILL IT BE ON YOUR TERMS?

Will you be ready?

Remember all that thinking and planning (and worrying) as you built your business? Yes, it was hard, but it was worth it.

It’s probably time to start planning again. This time there will be less worry and anxiety.

You will be thinking about what kind of legacy you will leave.

To your children or extended family.
Selling to a non-family third party will leave you with lots of money and . . . lots of memories.

Memories to cherish.

Planning a voluntary transition will be more pleasant than planning for an involuntary transition. You can ensure that your wishes will be followed to the letter. 

The question is, will the transition be (voluntary), or on someone else’s terms (involuntary)?

That is why I wrote a book on Business Succession Planning — Ready to Sell Your Business?
Adrian Spitters
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